Not everyone can afford to tear out and replace their tub surround with expensive tile...

Lets talk about some less expensive ways to get a great look without killing the budget.

Formica one piece

3-5 piece kits

Refinished (sprayed on)

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Spray on colors. Many to choose from...

Refinishing your tub surround is the fastest and  least inexpensive way to achieve a new look, color or style.  We can spray your existing surround to match your bathtub, a custom color or with our “Like Granite” material with many colors to choose from.

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"Formica" one piece laminate surrounds...

“Formica” one piece laminate surrounds are very durable and have no vertical seams.  The surrounds are bent in the corners to custom fit your bathtubs walls.

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3-5 Piece surround kits

There are so many kits and manufactures to pick from these days. We will help you choose one that fits your style and budget.

3-5 piece kits.

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We will assure quality workmanship when installing any bathtub surround kit.

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