How to Care for your newly Refinished Surfaces

A few things to remember about caring for your re-glazed tub are:

  • No abrasive cleaners.  If it says it is safe for acrylic surfaces it should be okay to use.
  • No abrasive sponges.  Scotch-Brite pads will scratch your tub.
  • No drain cleaners.
  • No hair-dye.
  • No suction-cup safety mats.
  • No heavy bleach cleaners that turn blue after 20 minutes or so.
  • If you use bleach, rinse it out afterward (don’t soak the tub in bleach).
  • If your tub gets chipped, call a re-finisher to touch it up or purchase an inexpensive porcelain repair kit at the hardware store. Chipped areas of the glaze allow water underneath which causes peeling.
  • Don’t leave soap bars and leaky shampoo bottles on the edges of the tub.  The chemicals in soap will eat into the finish over the years.
  • For extra precaution simply wipe your tub out after every use with the towel you used to dry off.  This slows soap and mineral build up.
  • Fix dripping faucets. This should have been completed before the tub was re-finished.  If you develop a leak, fix it soon.
  • Don’t leave standing water around the drain area. If your tub has trouble draining completely, towel off the drain area to help prevent rust from appearing around the drain.
  • Read your cleaner labels, don’t mix cleaners and wear protective gear.

Frequently asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Typically within one day.  As an example, If we were to refinish your surface on a Monday, you would be able to use it before work Tuesday morning.  All our work will be done on the first day, including clean up, haul away debris and tub re-caulked before we leave.

Yes it does smell.  If any other company tells you it does not, they are lying to you.  Usually we open a window, install a fan and suck the smell outside.  Usually the smell dissipates quickly and not very noticeable in most cases.

10 to 15 years.  With proper care and cleaning, your Bathtubs new finish can last this long or longer. 

All our Bathtubs come with a 5 year warranty.   We recently visited an apartment complex property  that we refinished bathtubs in over 18 years ago that are still going strong.  If you get into a bathtub  with your golf cleats on and do the Hokey Pokey, they probably will not last long.  If you take care of them you will get many years out of a refinished surface.

The Miracle Method refinishing process generally cost between $500 – $650 to restore a tub and between $1,000 – $1,200 to refinish both the tub and tile surround – which is often about 30% – 50%+ cheaper than covering up with a liner system.

Yes Flatt Out Resurfacing & Remodel can refinish a previously refinished surface.  We would need to strip the old material off before applying our bonding primer and pretty white top coat.

All chips and scratches are filled and smoothed out as well as any worn areas then after we refinish the surface, all those chip, scratches and worn areas will disappear.

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