Some of our Before & After photos

We have converted some of the ugliest bathtubs and showers to create beautiful and long lasting pieces you can be proud of in your bathroom.

Just Ducky

This poor bathtub was refinished before in a slight yellow color. Clearly the refinishing company before didn't know what they were doing. There was no primer applied and it was peeling, revealing the pink original color underneath. We striped the old material, removed all the "duck" non-slip stickers and refinished it properly with a new beautiful white coating that will last for years.

"WOW! I can't believe how wonderful it looks. My 1960's bathtub looks brand new again. Thank you, Dan"
Terri L.
Portland Or.

Pride in workmanship...

…we take pride in making sure the complete work area is masked and covered to assure your belongings will be the same as when we arrived.  If anything, we will over-mask rather than take chances with your property.

Everything completely maked and covered. We refinished the bathtub, the tile surround and the walls around the bathroom.
"We debated for such a long time to replace or refinish. My husband and I decided to try refinishing and were so very pleasantly surprised and happy with what Flatt Out Resurfacing did with our old ugly bathtub. Thank you Dan, Sue
Suzanne M.
Lake Oswego
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