What To Expect

When we come to your home to resurface a bathing area, this is basically how it works. We show up at the time scheduled. Then we survey the tub to see what all we need to resurface the job properly.

After we bring all of the needed tools and materials, we then start by cutting all of the old caulking out from around the tub. We clean the tub area very well and also remove the over flow cover.

We use an acid on the tub that eats the top layer of glass away to "rough up" the surface. If any repairs are to be made, this is when we do it. All chips are filled and sanded to blend in with the rest of the tub. After this, we mask (paper and tape) the tub off and cover the whole bathroom so that when we spray the tub, nothing else but the tub gets material on it.

We pride ourselves in taking the extra time to make sure everything is covered and masked properly to insure happy customers.

We then spray a coat of primer on the tub (some companies don't even use primer...not wise.) After the primer sets up, two to three coats of "top coat"(the shiny stuff) is placed on the tub and this is set up over night. We prefer doing it this way so that when we come back the next day, we can make sure everything is correct after it has dried.

At the completion of each job, we clean up all of the masking and then recaulk the tub and put the tub overflow cover back on. the tub is then ready to use that evening. You are left with a shiny, new-looking tub you can be proud of!

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